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Glossary of Tennis Terms

Tennis - Glossary of Terms follows below:

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Offensive lob played from an intermediate or offensive position, usually hit with a lower trajectory than
the defensive lob, and intended to win the point. Often hit with topspin.

Open stance any hitting stance where the back foot is closer to the path of the ball than the front foot.

Overhead smash stroke played above the head with a service-type action, usually from near the net
and in response to a lob.

Offensive lob A lob that is an attempt to score, rather than being purely defensive. It's typically hit very deep into the opponent's court when the opponent is at the net. See also defensive lob.


Offensive volley A volley, usually hit from above the net, that's meant to score a point. See also defensive volley.

Open tournament In the early days of tennis, clubs held two types of tournaments: Closed, to which only club members were admitted, and open, which non-members could also enter. With the advent of professionalism, "open" came to mean a tournament that could be entered by amateurs and professionals alike. Today, all major tournaments are opens.

Open grip A grip in which the racket face is tilted upward, away from the court.

Open racket A racket held with an open grip.

Out Descriptive of a shot that lands outside the playing area, wide and/or long.

Overhead A shot hit much like a serve, when the ball is above the player's head, usually a smash. It's often used by a player at net or in the forecourt against a lob that hasn't been hit deep enough.

Overspin Topspin.

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