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Glossary of Tennis Terms

Tennis - Glossary of Terms follows below:

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Passing shot – groundstroke that passes a player at the net on either side.

Punch volley – marked by a very short ‘punching' movement of the racket.

Put away volley – hit beyond the opponent's reach.

Pace The speed at which the ball is hit. It's commonly used to mean a great deal of speed, but in fact a well-paced shot may be hit rather slowly. A common tactic against a hard-hitting opponent is to vary the pace from one shot to the next.

Pair A doubles team.

Partner One of the two players on a doubles team.


Pass To hit a shot that goes past the opponent, usually when the opponent is at or near the net.

Passing shot A shot that passes the opponent.

Penalty point See point penalty.

Pickup shot Another name for a half volley.

Placement A shot hit to an area where the opponent cannot reach it.

Poach In doubles, to hit a ball, usually with a volley, that would ordinarily have been played by the partner.

Point The basic scoring unit in tennis. The points are numbered "fifteen," "thirty," "forty," and "game." One player serves throughout a game and the first player to win four points wins the game, with the provision that the margin of victory must be at least two points. See advantage; deuce; game; match; set, scoring system.

Point penalty A penalty which costs the player a point in the current game. The umpire may assess a point penalty for various kinds of unsportsmanlike conduct, such as verbal or physical abuse of an official, using obscenity, or delaying a game through incessant argument of a call.

Puddler A player who hits a lot of chip shots and drop shots.

Punch volley A volley hit with a very short, punching stroke.

Put away Same as kill.

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