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Glossary of Tennis Terms

Tennis - Glossary of Terms follows below:

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Half-court the area of the court midway between the baseline and net, also called mid-court.

Half volley playing the ball just after it bounces with a very low, short stroke.

Hawaiian Grip   The "Hawaiian" grip is unquestionably the strangest of all grip types.  It places your palm 135 degrees clockwise from the Eastern Grip, or 45 degrees farther than the Western Grip.

Hitting on the rise playing the ball before it has reached the peak of its bounce. Also known as "taking the ball early."

Half court The area of the court in the vicinity of the service line.

Half-court line Another name for the center service line.


Half volley A shot on which the ball is struck just after it has hit the court. Also used as a verb.

Head The part of the racket comprising the frame and strings.

Heavy ball A shot hit with topspin, which drops sharply.

Hit on the rise To play the ball before it has reached the highest point of its bounce.

Hold serve To win a game in which the player is serving.

Hopper A container that holds large quantities of tennis balls.

In Descriptive of a good shot that lands in the opponent's court.

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