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Glossary of Tennis Terms

Tennis - Glossary of Terms follows below:

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Ace   A perfect serve in bounds that the opponent cannot return and is not touched by the receiver.

Ad court   The side of the court on which the second point of each game begins, also called the left court or the backhand court.

Advantage   The player who scores the first point after deuce is said to have the advantage, since winning the next point will also win the game.

Advantage court   The left service court, where the receiver takes service when either player has the advantage.

Advantage in   Indicates that the server has the advantage.
Advantage out   Indicates that the receiver has the advantage.

Alley   Area on each side of the singles court that enlarges the court area when doubles is being played; also known as the tramlines.  The alleys are 4 feet wide.  Also see The anatomy of the tennis court.

American twist   A serve that has spin causing it to bounce high and to the receiver's left, off a right-handed player's racket.  Opposite of a reverse twist.

Approach shot   A shot hit hard and deep to allow the player to take the net; used from inside the baseline to enable a player to attack the net.

Attack the net   To move into the forecourt and toward the net to be able to hit volleys quickly into the opponent's side of the court. Also known as take the net.

Australian formation   Serving formation in doubles where the server and server's partner are initially positioned on the same side of the court.

Australian grip   Midway between the Eastern and continental to facilitate serve-volley play on grass.

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